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As I’ve been working on translating a few articles about liturgical and medieval embroidery, I’ve encountered a number of words from Orthodox Christian belief, names of saints, Russian names for embroidery stitches, etc. which I hadn’t known or which may have required a bit of digging online to find a proper translation for. I figured my readers also might not be familiar with these terms, and I wanted one place to be able to find the research I’ve already done in the past. Thus, I put together this handy table of vocabulary. Terms in Russian (and, for Eastern Orthodox liturgical items, also sometimes Greek) are shown in their native alphabet and transliterated. I included the Greek terms, as they sometimes come in useful when interpreting inscriptions on liturgical items.

English TermRussian TermGreek TermClassDescriptionLink to more info
"Bare-neck" collar (similar to a "key-hole" decoration on a tunic)голошейка / goloshejkaClothing term
Bran' or Braninaбрань / bran' or бранина / braninaClothing termA patterned fabric in which the warp threads are lifted by a special means to create a desired pattern. It is used for trimmings, tablecloths, curtains, etc.
Branyj - adj., sewn from or woven as bran'браный / branyjClothing term
Drobnitsaдробница Jewelry term"Drobnitsy: metal plaques or plates - flat, convex, round, oblong, polygonal, in the form of brilliants, paws, tiles, moon-shapes, icon cases, etc. Small drobnitsy were usually used in lace weaving, embroidery with gold and silver thread, and in decoration with pearls and beads" Savvaitov, P. Starinnykh russkikh utvarej, odezhd, oruzhija, ratnykh dospekhov i konskogo pribora, v azbuchnom porjadke raspolozhennoe. St. Petersburg, 1896, p. 33. (translation mine)
Acts of the Moscow StateАкты Московского государства (АМГ) / Akty Moskovskogo gosudarstva (AMG)Journal and Abbreviation
Aër, VeilВоздух, Покровцы
(Vozdukh, Pokrovtsy)
Liturgical EmbroideryVeils used to cover the chalice and diskos during the RitesWikipedia: Aër
Agnus Dei, Lamb of GodСе агнец
(Se agnets)
Ἀμνὸς τοῦ Θεοῦ
(Amnós toú Theoú)
IconographyAn image depicting Christ as a lamb, as a symbol of His sacrifice as the savior of mankind.Wikipedia: Lamb of God
Alternating Couching StitchesДвойной сложный шов (Dvojnoj slozhnij shov)Embroidery StitchA laid-and-couched stitch used almost solely in the workshop of Elena Voloshanka, wife of Ivan III, in the late 15th century. To make a double complex seam, first long stitches of non-twisted silk are laid down vertically. A long horizontal stitch of twisted silk yarn is laid over them, and then the horizontal stitch is couched down with small couching stitches in staggered order between the split lower yarns.Russian embroidery page with images
Anastasis (Harrowing of Hell), theСошествие Христа в ад
(Soshestvie Khrista v ad)
Κατελθόντα εἰς τὰ κατώτατα
(Katelthónta eis tá katótata)
IconographyA depiction of the Resurrection, as Christ ascends triumphantly, breaking the gates of Hell and bringing salvation to the damned. Commonly, He is shown bringing Adam and Eve with him, representing all of the saved.Wikipedia: Harrowing of Hell
Annunciation [to the Blessed Lady], theБлаговещение [Пресвятой Богородицы]
(Blagoveschenie [Presvjatoj Bogoroditsy])
Ευαγγελισμός της θεοτόκου
(Evangelismós tis theotókou)
IconographyThe church holiday celebrating when the Archangel Gabriel informed the Blessed Virgin Mary that she would give birth to the son of God (or, a depiction of the event itself).Wikipedia: Annunciation
Archaeological Commission Report Отчет Археологической комиссии (ОАК) / Otchet Arkheologicheskoj komissii (OAK)Journal and Abbreviation
Archaeology of the UralsВопросы археологии Урала (ВАУ) / Voprosy arkheologii Urala (VAU)Journal and Abbrevation
Archeological Collection of the State HermitageАрхеологический сборник Государственного Эрмитажа (АСГЭ) / Arkheologicheskij sbornik Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha (ASGE)Journal and Abbreviation
Ascension, theВознесение
IconographyHoliday commemorating when the Resurrected Christ departed Earth and returned to Heaven, celebrated 40 days after Easter, or an iconographic image depicting this event.Wikipedia: Ascension
Baptism, theКреще́ние
IconographyHoliday commemorating the start of Christ's ministry, when he was baptised by John the Baptist in the River Jordan.Wikipedia: The Baptism
BarmyБармы / BarmyMedieval ClothingA wide, circular, ornate collar, worn over clothing, typically elaborately decorated with embroidery, pearls and/or precious stones. Evolved from the Byzantine lorum. Part of princely/royal regalia in medieval Rus'.Бармы
Basil of Caesarea, St.Василий Великий
(Vasilij Velikij)
Βασίλειος Καισαρείας
(Vasíleios Kaisareías)
Holy Figure4th-century Bishop of Caesarea and influential theologian, who famously cared for the poor and was an advocate of the Nicene creed.Wikipedia: Basil of Caesarea
Bast awlкочедык / kochedykTool (used in making items from bast, e.g., bast shoes)
Bog shoesпоршни / porshniType of Footwear
Brief Reports of the Institute of Archaeology Краткие сообщения Института археологии (КСИА) / Kratkie soobschenija Instituta arkheologii (KSIA)Journal and Abbreviation[online archive]
Brief reports of the Institute of the History of Material Culture Краткие сообщения Института истории материальной культуры (КСИИМК) / Kratkie soobschenija Instituta istorii material'noj kul'tury (KSIIMK)Journal and Abbreviation[online archive]
Bulletin of Ancient History Вестник древней истории (ВДИ) / Vestnik drevnej istorii (VDI)Journal and Abbreviation[online archive]
Bulletin of the USSR Academy of Sciences Известия Академии наук СССР (ИАН СССР) / Izvestija Akademii nauk SSSR (IAN SSSR)Journal and Abbreviation
Butt seamтачный шов / tachnyj shovLeather stitch
Cape / CloakПлащ / PlaschMedieval Clothing
Central State Archive of Ancient Acts of the USSRЦентральный государственный архив древних актов СССР. (ЦГАДА) /
Tsentral'nyj gosudarstvennyj arkhiv drevnikh aktov SSSR (TsGADA)
Scholarly Institution and Abbreviation
Checkerboard stitchШов «в шашку» /
Shov "v shashku"
Embroidery Stitch
Christ PantocratorСпас Вседержи́тель
(Spas Vsederzhitel')
Χριστὸς Παντοκράτωρ
(Khristos Pantokrator)
IconographyA common icon image depicting Christ as the "ruler of all", with his right hand raised in a blessing and his left hand holding a copy of the Gospels.Wikipedia: Christ Pantocrator
Collar (flat)Оплечье / Oplech'eMedieval ClothingA flat circular collar around the neckline of a shirt or tunic. See also, barmy
Collection of State Charters and TreatiesСобрание государственных грамот и договоров (СГГД) /
Sobranie gosudarstvennykh gramot i dogovorov (SGGD)
Journal and Abbreviation
Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles, the Полное собрание русских летописей [ПСРЛ]
(Polnoe sobranie russkikh letopisej [PSRL])
Journal and AbbreviationA series of published volumes of medieval Russian and Slavic chronicles. The project was started in 1837 and continues to this day. Commonly abbreviated as "PSRL" in Russian bibliographic entries.Wikipedia: Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles
Couching goldwork (over or underside couching)Шов «на прокол»
(Shov "na prokol")
Embroidery StitchA goldwork embroidery stitch where gold threads are placed atop the fabric ground, and are affixed to the fabric using silk stitches, often in patterns.
Couching stitchШов «в прикреп»
(Shov "na prikrep")
Embroidery StitchAn embroidery stitch where threads are placed atop the fabric ground, and are affixed to the fabric using couching stitches.Russian embroidery site
Crucifixion, theРаспятие [Иисуса Христа]
(Raspjatie [Iisusa Khrista])
Σταύρωση [του Ιησού Χριστού]
(Stávrosi [tou Iisoú Christoú])
IconographyA depiction of the crucifixion of Christ, showing him on the cross, usually with attendants on either side: often the Virgin Mary, the Apostles, and sometimes Cherubs or Seraphim.Wikipedia: The Crucifixion
Dormition [of the Virgin], theУспение [Пресвятой Богородицы]
(Uspenie [Presvjatoj Boroditsy])
Κοίμησις Θεοτόκου
(Koímēsis Theotokou)
IconographyA common icon image depicting the "falling asleep" or death of the Virgin Mary before her resurrection and assumption into Heaven.Wikipedia: The Dormition
Ecclesiastic Embroidery«Лицевое» шитье
(Litsevoe shit'jo)
TerminologyThe Russian term litsevoe literally refers to the use of embroidery to depict the faces, hands, and feet (the uncovered parts) of figures on liturgical embroidered items. As a general term, it is also used to refer to ecclesiastical embroidery in general, so I have chosen to translate it as such.Russian WIkipedia: Medieval Liturgical Embroidery
Embroidered chest appliqueвошва / voshvaEmbroidery / Clothing term
Embroidered chest piece воротник-карэ / vorotnik-kareClothing term
Embroidering following the shape of the designШов «по форме»
(Shov "po forme")
TerminologyAn embroidery style where the stitches follow the shape or outline of the design being filled.
Enthroned Virgin and Child, theПохвала Пресвято́й Богоро́дицы
(Pokhvala Presvjatoj Boroditsy)
Ακάθιστος της Θεοτόκος
(Akáthistos tis Theotókos)
IconographyA common icon image showing the Virgin seated upon a throne, holding the infant Christ in her lap. Saints and angels typically surround her.Wikipedia: Akathist to the Theotokos
Entombment of Christ, theПоложение во гроб ( Polozhenie vo grob )IconographyA common icon image showing the body of Christ being placed in his tomb by Mary and his disciples.Wikipedia: Burial of Jesus
EpanchaЕпанча / Epancha
plural: epanchi
Medieval ClothingA wide, round, sleeveless cloak with a hood. The word comes from Turkish yapyndzha, and the garment was borrowed from the Arabian East.Епанча
EpigonationНабедренник / Палица
(nabedrennik / palitsa)
Liturgical EmbroideryA lozenge or diamond shaped embroidered item worn by bishops and some priests in the Orthodox church. The item is hung from the belt on the right side and hangs about knee height.Wikipedia: Epigonation
Liturgical EmbroideryA pair of embroidered liturgical cuffs, worn on the wrist by a bishop, priest or deacon, attached to the end of the sleeve of their sticharion.Wikipedia: Epimanikia
Epitaphios, ShroudПлащаница
Liturgical EmbroideryA large cloth embroidered with the image of the body of Christ immediately after it has been removed from the Cross, typically surrounded by the Holy Virgin and other figures. It is placed on the Holy Table (altar) during services on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.Wikipedia: Epitaphios
Epitrachelion, StoleЕпитрахиль
Liturgical EmbroideryA long liturgical vestment similar to a stole, worn around the neck and down the front by Orthodox priests and bishops.Wikipedia: Epitrachelion
Eucharist, Lord's SupperЕвхаристия
IconographyAn image depicting the Communion given during the Last Supper, or the modern rite of Communion performed during the rite.Wikipedia: Eucharist
TerminologyA decorated liturgical fan used during Church services, originally to keep flies off the host, and later as a symbol of honor.Wikipedia: Flabellum
Flat-felled seamзапошивочный шов / zaposhivochnyj shovSewing stitch
GimpСканная нить /
Skannaja nit'
TerminologyGold wire twisted or braided together with gold thread.
Gimp, PurlКанитель
TerminologyMetallic cord used in goldwork embroidery.Berlin Embroidery: Gimp
Liturgical EmbroideryA banner displayed in the Eastern Orthodox church or during religious processions.Wikipedia: Khorugv
Hair capволосник / volosnikClothing term
Head bandочелье / ochel'eClothing term
HerbalistТравщики /
TerminologyThe artisan who would draw the landscape, trees, etc. on an iconDictionary of Iconographic Terminology
Herringbone stitchШов «по ёлочку» /
Shov "po jolochku"
Embroidery Stitch
Hidden seamвыворотный шов / vyvorotnyj shovLeather stitch
Historical ActsАкты исторические (АИ) / Akty istoricheskie (AI)Journal and Abbreviation
History of the Culture of Medieval Rus', TheИстория культуры древней Руси (ИКДР) / Istorija kul'tury drevnej Rusi (IKDR)Journal and Abbreviation
I.E. Grabar' State Central Art Restoration Workshops, Moscow.Гос. Центральные художественно-реставрационные мастерские им. акад. И. Э. Грабаря (ГЦХРМ) /
Gos. Tsentral'nye khudozhestvenno-restavratsionnye masterskie im. akad. I.E. Grabarja (GTsKhRM)
Scholarly Institution and Abbreviation
Imitation MoldsИмитационные формочкиCasting TerminologyThese are also called "Kievan" type molds. The term refers to molds which were carved in limestone or similar material, composed of multiple parts, and used to cast complex, hollow decorations. The term was coined by B.A. Rybakov. See explanation in Korzukhina, G.F. "Kievskie Juveliry Nakanune Mongol'skogo Zavoevanija." Sovetskaja Arkheologija, 14 (1950), pp. 218, 221.
Imperial Moscow Archeological SocietyИмператорское Московское археологическое общество (ИМАО) /
Imperatorskoe Moskovskoe arkheologicheskoe obschestvo (IMAO)
Scholarly Institution and Abbreviation
Imperial Russian Archeological SocietyИмператорское русское археологическое общество (ИАО) /
Imperatorskoe russkoe arkheologicheskoe obschestvo (IAO)
Scholarly Institution and Abbreviation
Institute for the History of Material Culture of the USSR Academy of SciencesИнститут истории материальной культуры Академии наук СССР (ИИМК) / Institut istorii material'noj kul'tury Akademii nauk SSSRScholarly institute and Abbreviation
John Chrysostom, St.Иоанн Златоуст
(Ioann Zlatoust)
Ἰωάννης ὁ Χρυσόστομος
(Ioánnis o Chrysóstomos)
Holy Figure4th century archbishop of Constantinople, famous for his public speaking and preaching. Chrysostom is Greek for "golden-mouthed", refering to eloquence.Wikipedia: John Chrysostom
John the Baptist, John the ForerunnerИоанн Крести́тель, Иоанн Предте́ча
(Ioann Krestitel', Ioann Predtecha)
Ιωάννης ο Βαπτιστής
(Ioannis o Baptistes)
Holy FigureThe New Testament Prophet believed to have Baptized Christ.Wikipedia: John the Baptist
Journal of the Ministry of Public EducationЖурнал Министерства народного просвещения (ЖМНП) / Zhurnal Ministerstva narodnogo prosveschenija (ZhMNP)Journal and Abbreviation
Kievan-Type MoldsФормочки «киевского» типа Casting TerminologySee "Imitation" Molds.
TerminologyA title bestowed on a benefactor who paid for the building, renovation, or decoration of a church.Wikipedia: Ktetor
TerminologyLiterally translated as "weed", pozem in iconographic studies denotes the landscape in an icon - the trees, mountains, etc. in the background of the image.Dictionary of Iconographic Terminology
Leningrad Department of the Institute of Archaeology of the USSR Academy of SciencesЛенинградское отделение Института археологии Академии наук СССР (ЛОИА) / Leningradskoe otdelenie Instituta arkheologii Akademii nauk SSSRScholarly institute and Abbreviation
LetnikЛетник / Letnik
plural: letniki
Medieval ClothingA wide overdress worn by women, buttoned from throat to the floor, with wide, bell-like sleeves (called nakapkami.Летник_(одежда)
LordshipВладыка /
TerminologyA title claimed by some bishops in medieval Rus'.
M.E. Saltykov-Schedrin State Public Library, Leningrad/St. PetersburgГос. Публичная библиотека им. М.Е. Салтыкова-Щедрина. Ленинград. (ГПБ) /
Gosudarstvennaja Publichnaja biblioteka im. M.E. Saltykova-Schedrina. Leningrad
Scholarly Institution and Abbreviation
Mandylion / Image of EdessaСпас Нерукотворный
(Spas nerukotvornyj)
IconographyAn image depicting a square or rectangle of cloth, upon which the face of Jesus miraculously appeared.Wikipedia: Image of Edessa
MantleМантия / MantiaMedieval ClothingA large formal cloak worn by royalty, the clergy, or specific professions (judges, academics)
Mantleожерелье-оплечье / ozherel'e-oplech'eClothing term
Master Icon PainterЗнаменщик /
TerminologyThe master icon painter or lead artisan in an icon workshop.Dictionary of Iconographic Terminology
Materials and Research on the Archeology of the USSR Материалы и исследования по археологии СССР (МИА) / Materialy i issledovanija po arkheologii SSSR (MIA)Journal and AbbreviationPage with list of issues and links to electronic copies.
Materials on Russian Archaeological ResearchМатериалы по археологии России (МАР) / Materialy po arkheologii Rossii (MAR)Journal and Abbreviation
Materials on the Archeology of the Eastern Provinces of RussiaМатериалы по археологии восточных губерний России (МАВГР) / Materialy po arkheologii vostochnykh gubernij Rossii (MAVGR)Journal and Abbreviation
Medieval Rus' (Russia) / Medieval RussianДревняя Русь / древнерусский
(Drevnjaja Rus' / drevnerusskij)
TerminologyThe Russian term (literally "ancient Russia") is commonly used to refer to the lands of Russia starting from the founding of the Kievan Rus' empire in the 9th century through the medieval period and the 17th century. I choose to translate this as "medieval" rather than "ancient" Russia, as "ancient" typically is used in English to refer to the pre-medieval age.Wikipedia: Kievan Rus'
Moscow Archaeological SocietyМосковское археологическое общество (МАО) / Moskovskoe arkheologicheskoe obschestvo (MAO)Scholarly institute and Abbreviation
Moscow State UniversityМосковский государственный университет (МГУ) / Moskovskij gosudarstvennyj universitet (MGU)Scholarly institute and Abbreviation
Museum of Anthropology and EthnographyМузей антропологии и этнографии (МАЭ) / Muzej antropologii i etnografii (MAE)Journal and Abbreviation
News of the Archaeological CommissionИзвестия Археологической комиссии (ИАК)/ Izvestija Arkheologichskoj komissii (IAK)Journal and Abbreviation
Nicetus the Goth, St.Ники́та Го́тский
(Nikita Gotskij)
Νικήτας ὁ Γότθος
(Nikítas o Gótthos)
Holy Figure4th century Christian martyr who worked to convert the Goths.Wikipedia: Nicetas the Goth
Okhaben' Охабень / Okhaben'
plural: Okahbni
Medieval ClothingA long-skirted coat worn in the 15th and 16th centuriesОхабень
Opashen'Опашень / Opashen'
plural: opashni
Medieval ClothingA long-skirted coat with short, wide sleeves, typically worn in the summer. The word is derived from распахнуть, meaning "to fly open." See also, Okhaben'.опашень
Liturgical EmbroideryA long liturgical vestment worn over the left shoulder by Orthodox deacons.Wikipedia: Orarion
Our Lady of the SignБогоматерь знамение
(Bogomater' znamenie)
IconographyA particular image of the Virgin Mary, showing her facing front in either full or half length. Her arms are raised in the Orans position. The child Christ appears in a round halo upon her chest.Wikipedia: Panagia
Liturgical EmbroideryA large embroidered cloth used to cover the coffin during funerary rites.Wikipedia: Pall
Passing goldworkШов «на проём»
(Shov "na projom")
Embroidery StitchA goldwork embroidery stitch where passing gold is stitched through the fabric, much like a stem stitch with metallic thread.
Passing threadВолоченная нить /
Volochennaja nit'
TerminologyThin, smooth gold wire in the form of a hair, which can be easily passed through fabric.
Peasant shirtкосоворотка / kosovorotkaClothing termA commonly-seen form of peasant shirt, also known in English as a "Dr. Zhivago shirt" or "Tolstoy shirt"
Pendantдровница / drobnitsaJewelry term
PentecostПятидеся́тница / День Святой Тро́ицы
(Pjatidesjatnitsa / Den' Svjatoj Troitsy)
IconographyThe holiday celebrating the visitation of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, granting them the ability to speak in the various tongues of man in order that they could spread the Gospel, and representing the birth of the early Church.Wikipedia: Pentecost
Liturgical EmbroideryA cloak-like liturgical vestment worn by Orthodox priests over their other vestments. It is similar to the chasuble worn in the Western church.Wikipedia: Phelonion
TerminologyFlattened narrow metallic threadsBerlin Embroidery: Plate
Podea (plural: Podeai)Пелена [подвесная]
(pelena [podvesnaja])
Liturgical EmbroideryAn embroidered cloth which is used to decorate a revered icon. Often these are hung below the icon, and either duplicate or compliment the image on its painted counterpart.Wikipedia: Podea
Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or The Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the TempleВведение во храм
(Vvedenie vo khram)
Εἴσοδος τῆς ῾Υπεραγίας Θεοτόκου ἐν τῷ Ναῷ
(Eisodos tis 'Yperagias Theotokou en To Nao)
IconographyA feast day and common icon theme depicting Mary's parents presenting their infant daughter in the temple, consecrating her to God.Wikipedia: Presentation of Mary
PrivolokaПриволока / PrivolokaMedieval ClothingA large formal cloak, without sleeves. See also, Mantle. The word in Russian implies that this is a cloak long enough to reach or "drag" on the ground.
Proceedings of the Department of Old Russian Literature of the Institute of Russian Literature of the USSR Academy of Sciences Труды Отдела древнерусское литературы Института русской литературы Академии наук СССР (ТОДРЛ) /
Trudy Otdela drevnerusskoj literatury Instituta russkoj literatury Akademii nauk SSSR (TODRL)
Journal and Abbreviation
Proceedings of the Russian Archaeological SocietyЗаписки Русского археологического общества (ЗРАО) / Zapiski Russkogo arkheologicheskogo obschestva (ZRAO)Journal and Abbreviation
TerminologyA monumental icon of Christ, the Virgin, or a patron saint located in an Orthodox church.Wikipedia: Proskynetarion
Readings in the Society of Russian History and Antiquities at Moscow UniversityЧтения в Обществе истории и древностей Российских при Московском университете (ЧОИДР) /
Chtenija v Obschestve istorii i drevnostej Rossijskikh pri Moskovskom universitete (ChOIDR)
Journal and Abbreviation
Rubakha, shirtРубаха / Rubakha
plural: rubakhi
Medieval ClothingA russian shirt, typically with long sleeves and long enough to be belted.рубаха
Russian ArcheologyРоссийская археология (РА)/Rossijskaja arkheologijaJournal and Abbreviation[online archive]
Russian Association of Research Institutes for Social Sciences (RANION)Российская ассоциация научно-исследовательских институтов общественных наук (РАНИОН)/Rossijskaja assotsiatsija nauchno-issledovatel'skikh institutov obschestvennykh naukScholarly institute and Abbreviation
Russian Historical SocietyРусское историческое общество (РИО) / Russkoe istoricheskoe obschestvo (RIO)Scholarly institute and Abbreviation
Samite, Cloth of GoldПарча
TerminologyA brocade fabric with interwoven metallic threads.Wikipedia: Samite
TerminologyA silk fabric with a shiny surface, achieved through a special weaving method.Wikipedia: Satin
Shuba / OvercoatШуба / shuba
plural: shuby
Medieval ClothingA large fancy overcoat (often, specifically, a fur coat). Borrowed from Middle High German schūbe, from Italian giubba, from Arabic جُبَّة‎ (jubba, “long garment”).шуба
Sleeve Cuffзарукавье / zarukav'eClothing term
Sleeve Cuffобшлаги рукава / obshlagi rukavaClothing term
Sleeve Cuffопьястье / op'jast'eClothing term
Society for the Lovers of Ancient WritingОбщество любителей древней письменности (ОЛДП)/Obschestvo ljubitelej drevnej pis'mennostiScholarly institute and Abbreviation
SorochkaСорочка / Sorochka
plural: sorochki
Medieval ClothingSee Rubakha.
Soviet ArcheologyСоветская археология (СА)/Sovietskaja arkheologija (SA)Journal and Abbreviation[online archive]
Split stitchШов «в раскол»
(Shov "v raskol")
Embroidery StitchAn embroidery stitch where each stitch pierces through the middle of the previous stitch.
Spun or Wrapped ThreadsПряденые нити
(Prjadenye niti)
TerminologyMetallic threads of various types, with thin wire or strips of foil twisted onto a silk, linen or cotton coreBerlin Embroidery: Japan Thread
Standing collarстоечка / stoechkaClothing term
Standing collarстоячий воротник / stojachij vorotnikClothing term
State Academy on the History of Material CultureГосударственная академия истории материальной культуры (ГАИМК) / Gosudarstvennaja akademija istorii material'noj kul'tury (GAIMK)Scholarly Institution and Abbreviation
State Historical Museum, MoscowГос. Исторический Музей (ГИМ) /
Gos. Istoricheskij Muzej (GIM)
Museum and Abbreviation
State Russian Museum (Leningrad/St. Petersburg)Гос. Русский Музей (ГРМ) /
Gos. Russkij Muzej (GRM)
Museum and Abbreviation
State Tretyakovskaya Gallery, MoscowГос. Третьяковская галерея (ГТГ) /
Gos. Tret'jakovskaja galereja (GTG)
Museum and Abbreviation
Stem stitchАтласный шов /
(Atlasnyj shov)
Embroidery Stitch
Liturgical EmbroideryA liturgical vestment of the Orthodox church, equivalent to an alb and similar to a dalmatic.Wikipedia: Sticharion
Veilубрус / ubrus or убрусь / ubrus'Clothing term
Veilсарпанок / sarpanokClothing term
Wimpleплат / platClothing term
Worn without fastening, "swinging"распашной / raspashnojClothing termAdj. used to describe an open jacket or coat

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