An April Revel

Yesterday, Cwen and I went to April Revel, a little event in Stonemarche, hosted in Jaffrey NH. The site was the Cutler Memorial, a great little building that was originally built as a Universalist church house in 1845, and is now preserved by and houses the town women’s club. The weather was perfect for a spring celebration – sunny and warm enough that they were able to throw open the doors. The baronial children spent the majority of the day running around outside in the sunshine.

When we first arrived, Curia (the baronial business meeting) was underway, so we sat off in one corner and waited. I listened in and got to hear some of the sundry details that go into planning Birka, one of the other events held by that Barony every January, and which is a majorly big to do. It was interesting to hear about all the work that goes into that event, and later I was pleased to meet Mistress Fia Kareman, who autocrats that event. We were able to chat about it a bit, and I got to hear even more of the stuff involved to make that event happen every year.

The event of the day, however, was a very laid back day of chatting while working on projects. We got to hang out with some of our friends and met several other gentles as well. The main draw was one of the first courts by Stonemarche’s new excellencies, Baron Keziah and Baroness Deirdre. We met Keziah last year at the Scribal Petting Zoo outing to the Harvard libraries, and I was able to renew our acquaintance. I spent quite a lot of the day hanging out with Mistress Fia and Lady Astridr, had a good chat with Lady Amalie, and met several folks whom the Book of Faces had been saying for some time that I should know.

A high point of the event for me personally was feast. For non-SCAdians, at feast, those present who rank highest on the table of precedence are asked to give a series of toasts, typically to their Majesties (the current King and Queen), to their Highnesses (the current Prince and Princess), to any visiting royalty, etc. Although I’ve been a Master of the Laurel for nearly 10 years, I’ve always been at events that were well attended by dukes/duchesses, counts/countesses, barons/baronesses, and a myriad of other royal peers who outrank me in the table of precedence. But, given this event was rather small, once Mistress Fia discovered I was a Master of the Laurel, she and Baroness Keziah plotted, and then honored me by asking me to give one of the toasts. As their Majesties just ascended to the throne last weekend and we are currently without Royal Heirs, I gave the toast for the event and feast stewards. Despite it being my first time leading the hall in a toast, I thought it went well.

In all, it was a great day. Many thanks to the great hospitality of the Barony of Stonemarche!

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    1. Well met! We live in the Canton of the Towers (Merrimac, MA), but play quite a bit with Stonemarche and Malagentia. My laurel is in embroidery and Russian culture.

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