Prince Jaroslav’s Charter on the Ecclesiastical Court

I have been thinking about reading an article on Jaroslav the Wise’s (983-1054) laws which established the independence of the ecclesiastical courts in Russia, written in the mid-11th century. Before reading the article, however, I thought I’d read the laws themselves. It took me a while to track down a copy of the laws online, and then I found that I was unable to locate a translation into English. Even finding a translation into modern Russian was difficult, as they’re rare, and there are various versions of the law, so even the one translation I found didn’t line up with the medieval text I had found. So, I decided to practice my medieval Russian and put together this translation.

Prince Jaroslav’s Charter on the Ecclesiastical Court

The medieval Russian text was found online here:

This page itself cites as its source the following book:
Российское законодательство Х-ХХ веков. Т. 1. М., 1984. С. 139-140
Rossijskoe zakonodatel’stvo X-XX vekov. Vol. 1, Moscow, 1984. pp. 139-140.

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