Adventures in Blogging

On Thursday of last week (March 7, 2019, a date that will live in infamy), Blogger managed to lose a translation-in-progress that I had spent about 30 hours on. The post was still there, but all its content had been replaced by a big fat null. To be honest, I was already a bit frustrated with Blogger, and after attempting a few ways to more safely edit documents (Google Docs, desktop editors, Word, etc.), none of which really worked, I decided on Friday evening to take the plunge, and migrated my website to WordPress.

OK, I should have started here to begin with. The automatic backups, automatic saves while editing, improved support for tables and footnotes (via plugins), wider array of modern looking themes…. the list goes on. I have to pay for hosting now, but not THAT much all said.

I’ve been spending time this weekend setting up my new site, and then migrating content from the auto-imported format based on the Blogger-generated HTML to the new Gutenberg editor style. Several of my past posts and pages now have a brand new, sparkly appearance.

Let me know what you think about the new look!

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