Or Nue Heraldic Bee, part II

I’ve been a bit busy and ill this month, which took some time away from my projects. I also had a delay while I waited for some more green silk to arrive, as I was out of the color I was using and had to order online. But, I finally was able to finish up the Or nue (shaded gold) embroidery of my device earlier this weekend. (See my previous post on this project here.) I’m pretty happy with how the Or nue turned out. I am also really happy with how my slate frame worked. Although I was still figuring out how to dress the frame properly, and basically just made it up as I went along, the tension turned out quite nicely. When I took the embroidery off the frame, as you can see, the tension remained quite smooth.

The next step was to figure out what to do with this goldwork, now that it’s complete. I decided to make a pouch out of it, which I can use to hold tokens/favors that I can give out at events when I see artwork or A&S display entries that I particularly like. I found some maroon/purple wool in my stash that I particularly like and thought looked sumptuous and sturdy enough to support the goldwork. 

I also found some seed pearls in my stock and had ordered some gilt pearl purl, a kind of gold wire which has been wound into a springlike form. I’m planning to use these to outline the goldwork, and help smooth out the edges of the embroidery. At first I was thinking of using the seed pearls in the picture below, but then I found some that were a little smaller and were a better fit for the size of the goldwork. The teal is another wool that I had in our stash. I wasn’t sure at first which color to use, but eventually decided on the maroon since the teal was a bit lighter in weight, and didn’t contrast as much against the green in my embroidery.

Next time: mounting the wool to my slate frame, and couching on the goldwork.

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