Upping my game, part I

For years, I’ve carried around my embroidery materials and equipment in plastic zippered bags, which were convenient, but didn’t look vaguely medieval. While I was at Autumn’s Inspirations, I was working at a table and was suddenly inspired (hah!) to come up with a better storage system for my stuff – scissors, floss, wax, needles, etc.

First up on my list was finding a better way to store my embroidery floss. I had been using the mundane method of plastic cards on a ring, which was really kind of embarrassing to pull out at an event while I was in garb. A quick look online found a number of historic examples of thread winders from history, including:

In the end I decided I liked the bobbin style as easier to store, and possibly reusable also for Viking whipcording. A number of vendors online sell reproductions, but I found them first on Etsy (of course). I ended up going with these bobbins from a vendor named SisterMaide, who sells a number of different lathed styles in batches of 5 for a pretty reasonable price.

Thread bobbins with some Soie d’Alger silk from Au Ver a Soie.

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